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Paying an Injury Claim Doesn’t Have to be Painful

Workplace accidents happen, and as a workers' compensation insurer, you step in when an injured employee steps out. You carry the burden of evaluating claims, disbursing benefits, and keeping up with regulatory demands of each state – all the while maintaining the profitability of your own business.

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We understand your challenges.


Combined Ratio

  • Costs continue to rise, such as healthcare and prescription. 
  • Laws and regulations put limits on your profit margins.
  • Admin expenses are one of the few areas you can modify.

Check Processing Costs

  • Check processing is expensive and time-consuming.
  • Penalties for late checks can be costly.
  • Handling checks requires staff to work on the premises.

Security & Compliance

  • Fraud is always a risk when mailing checks. 
  • Compliance with security standards is resource-intensive. 
  • Data security requires a deep level of technological expertise.  




Curious about ClaimsPay® for workers' compensation?

Check out the features, functions, and more details about ClaimsPay®, part of the One Inc Digital Payments Platform for insurance.

Download the Datasheet

Simplify the way you process and disburse workers' compensation claims with ClaimsPay®.

conformance-checkmark Save time and resources without changing the way you do business.

With ClaimsPay®, claimants can digitally review and approve payments, change payment and communication preferences, and receive reoccurring payments without the assistance of an adjuster or call center.

conformance-checkmark Forget the expense of printing and mailing claims checks.

Let claimants choose the digital payment method that is convenient for them – ACH, Direct to Debit, or instant ClaimsCard®. They get their payment faster, and you save paper, ink, postage, and labor.

conformance-checkmark Enhance payment security and reduce the risk of fraud.

Your claimants’ sensitive financial data is tokenized and stored by One Inc, so it never traverses your network. Plus, multi-step authentication ensures claims payments are getting into the right hands.

ClaimsPay® is the Complete Solution for Workers Compensation Claims Payments.

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