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Lienholder Payments

Increase payment efficiency & lower
your costs.

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Take the complexity out of lienholder payments

Auto accidents are undoubtedly traumatic for everyone, but when a vehicle with a loan is deemed a 'total loss,' the situation quickly becomes even more complex, but it doesn’t have to be; ClaimsPay® makes complex lienholder payments... simple.


Lienholder gets
paid faster

Within 24 hrs


Improve Claim
Cycle Time

78% Reduction


Reduce Costs

$50 to $200 Per claim

Simplify Reconcilliation

Simplify Reconciliation


Insured Get Payment Notifications Faster

Within 24 Hours

“We chose One Inc in part because their platform provides the full range of disbursement options we were seeking, including mortgagee and lienholder payment capabilities.”

— Denise Pavlov, SVP & COO, Topa Insurance Group

Increase efficiency and close claims faster

By eliminating the paper check from the lienholder claim payment process, you can shorten your claim cycle time by as many as 10 days. With ClaimsPay® digital payments, lienholder approvals and payments take days instead of several weeks. The entire process is paperless, efficient, and simple – so you can get transferred titles faster, reduce rental car and storage expenses, recoup money from salvage, and quickly close the claim.


Delight customers with a frictionless payment experience

Paying lienholders quickly and shortening the claim cycle time improves your customer experience. Your policyholders can rest assured that you are promptly and efficiently taking care of it, no matter how complex their claim. By providing them with a frictionless and convenient claim payment experience, you are winning customer loyalty.


Save money on
checks and processing

Paying lienholders digitally through your existing claims system eliminates the time-consuming two-party check process. Reducing dependence on checks can cut operational expenses by as much as 80%. With built-in fraud protection controls, digital lienholder payments are a more cost-effective and secure solution for insurers


Main Features

No prefunding required (keep existing banking relationships!)
Growing Lienholder Network
Total Loss & Residual Payment Workflows
Self-Service Insured Portal
Include Unlimited Attachments (EOBs etc.) to Digital Payments

See How Lienholder Payments Work with One Inc

Everyone is familiar with the long and complex process of working with lienholders when dealing with a total loss claim. When using One Inc's ClaimsPay® for Lienholder Payments, it is so much easier. Download the Infographic to see just how much better total loss auto claims could be.