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Mortgagee Payments

Get bank decisions faster and pay homeowners and mortgagees quickly and easily

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Digital Claim Payments
We've Got You Covered

Whether it's damage from a burst pipe or a baseball through their window, homeowners want to pick up the pieces as quickly as possible and move on with life. An overwhelming process becomes even more complex when there is a mortgagee involved. With One Inc's ClaimsPay® and Mortgagee Network, the complex is made simple. Funds can be disbursed within 24 hours, property repairs can begin immediately, and homeowners can put the pieces of their life back together.​

Get Bank Decisions in
24 Hours


Homeowners Get Funds within 24 Hours
Improve Claims Cycle from 4-8 weeks to less than 1 Day
Real-Time Transfer Claim of Adjuster Payment Details


Delight Customers & Increase Retention
Contactless Payments

“We chose One Inc in part because their platform provides the full range of disbursement options we were seeking, including mortgagee and lienholder payment capabilities.”

— Denise Pavlov, SVP & COO, Topa Insurance Group

Increase efficiency and close claims faster​

Everyone benefits from faster claim payments. Streamlined ClaimsPay® mortgagee payment workflows reduce your organization's time and money investment while shortening the claim cycle of homeowner and property claims. You'll experience less manual entry and a reduction in payment processing delays. By switching to One Inc's secure and easy-to-use payments platform, you can seamlessly process payments to homeowners with just a few clicks.

Delight customers with a frictionless payment experience​

When you get bank decisions faster, you give homeowners faster access to desperately needed funds during a time of hardship. With over 80% of mortgagees in our mortgagee network, our established financial relationships enable us to exchange payment information with mortgagees and homeowners in real-time. Add in our insurance-centric workflows and everyone involved gets a fast and frictionless payment experience.


Save money on checks and reduce risk

Avoid the extra work, expenses, and risk of using checks for claim payments. Checks are known to slow down property claims and add risk to all parties. With ClaimsPay©, payments can be digitally approved by the mortgagee within 24 hours, lessening the risk of a property owner damage claim increasing as a homeowner waits for a check in the mail. By paying out claims digitally, you are choosing a more affordable, secure, and efficient payment method.


Main Features

Established ​Mortgagee ​Network
Digital Payments Server for Unlimited Document Attachments​
Insured & Mortgagee Workflows
Self-Service Insured Portal
Escheatment for Checks & ClaimsCard®

See How Mortgagee Payments Work with One Inc

Everyone is familiar with the long and complex process of working with mortgagees when dealing with a home owner claim. When using One Inc's ClaimsPay® for Mortgagee Property Payments, it is so much easier. Download the Infographic to see just how much better the claim experience can be.