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Single & Multi-Party Claim Payments

Digital workflows for frictionless approvals and payments

Take the complexity out of claim payments

Say goodbye to inefficient claim payment approvals, multi-party checks, and lengthy check processing. Your policyholders expect a more modern and efficient claim payment experience. With ClaimsPay® digital approvals and payments, you will delight customers, close claims faster, and save money. Whether you have an individual claimant or a multi-party claim, ClaimsPay® makes the complex… simple.

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Delight customers
and increase loyalty
and retention

Eliminate the inconvenience of multi-party checks that need to be co-signed and endorsed by all parties. Claimants can approve claim payment details instantly through email or text within seconds of receiving the information. Even in multi-party claim scenarios, all payment approvals are collected with just a few clicks.



Reduce delays
and close claims faster

Move claims from “pending” to “closed” in record time. Once all claim parties approve the claim payment details and a digital payment is issued, the claim can be closed immediately. Customers receive quick access to needed funds, insurers save time on check processing, printing, and mailing, and everyone gets on with their lives.


Single & Multi-Party-Claims-Payment-image-02crpd

Save money on checks and payment processing expenses

Reducing dependence on checks can cut operational expenses by as much as 80%. With built-in risk and fraud prevention controls, digital payments are a more cost-effective and secure solution for insurers.


Main Features

Streamlined payment and approval workflows
Configurable templates, reminders, and expiration settings
Insured & vendor self-service portals
digital engagment phone text messenger
Email and text notifications
reporting and reconciliation
Detailed financial reporting and reconciliation
No prefunding required (keep existing banking relationship!)
echeck digital print on demand
Same-day check printing available

Want to know how ClaimsPay®
works for your use case?

Download the Claim Payments and Approvals datasheet or contact us today to learn more about how you can pay anyone with any method.

  • Policyholders/Claimants
  • Vendors
  • Service Providers
  • Mortgagees
  • Lienholders