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Multiple Payment Options​

The One Inc Digital Payments Platform integrates with your core systems and gives your customers the option to choose their payment preferences, resulting in quicker payments, fewer policy lapses, and higher customer retention.



Multiple Payment Methods​

Choose what payment method works best – ACH, credit card, debit card, or Apple Pay – and select the channels convenient for them – online, mobile, text, or phone​





Single-Policy & Multi-Policy Payments

Whether through our payment modal or portal, your policyholders have the choice to pay for one policy or multiple policies all at once. 





Automated Recurring Payments

Tired of late or missed payments? Automated recurring payments can be configured in both the payment modal and portal so policyholders can “set it and forget it” – and you get paid on time every time.





Quick Pay & Split Payments

Making a premium payment will be quick and simple. Through Quick Pay access in the payment modal, policyholders can make a payment on their policy without logging into their account. Plus, they can pay the total amount using multiple payment methods.


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View Payment Channels


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