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Reporting & Reconciliation

Report and reconcile payments across inbound and outbound payment types, methods, channels, and batches.


Reporting & Reconciliation Features

Report more accurately. Reconcile faster. Work on the web or in Excel.



Data is updated and accessible in real-time as payments happen, so you can make smarter decisions based on fresh, accurate data. 


Accelerated Reconciliation

Find and resolve discrepancies in your policy and claim management systems quickly with easy-to-scan reports and output summary files. 


Downloadable Reports

Download data in the format and file type that works best for your team, including Excel. Merge, pivot, and chart data across sources. 


Real-time Data

Takes into account chargebacks and declined payment attempts to ensure accuracy.

Web-based reporting and pivot tables with data that automatically refreshes.


Accelerated Reconciliation

Eliminate manual, repetitive accounting tasks by automatically reconciling payment transactions in the One Inc Digital Payments Platform with both your billing system and premium trust fund accounts.

Enjoy the sophistication of real-time email notifications when automatic reconciliation is complete.



Downloadable Reports

Download reports into formats and file types that fit your team’s needs, including Excel. 

Combine digital payments data with other sources in Excel for a complete view of online + offline payments.


Digital Payments Platform Features


Claims Payments

Close claims faster and save money on mailing checks by paying claims digitally. Increase retention, lower costs, and reduce risk by delivering digital claims payments through payees’ preferred channels and methods.

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Premiums Payments

Multiple payment methods designed to integrate with new and legacy core systems. Align the payment experience with your core systems and make it easy for policyholders to pay through the methods of their choice.

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