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One Inc PCI & Security

Security & Compliance

Cleanse your network of sensitive payment data and simplify your compliance burden.

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Security & Compliance Features

One Inc reduces your risk exposure by removing all sensitive payment instrument data from your network.  

Fully outsourcing payment instrument functions to One Inc reduces the burden required to maintain compliance with PCI-DSS, NACHA, and more. See our security certifications. 


Simplified Compliance

Compliance can be complex and costly to maintain. Reduce your risk exposure while simplifying your network security and compliance practices around PCI, NACHA, SOC-2, and more.


Payment Data

Choose how you want payment details to be collected, whether through branded and embedded payment input forms or portals -- ensuring sensitive payment information never touches your network while maintaining a frictionless payment experience.


Tokenization & Two-Factor Authentication

Tokenize payment information and provide a multi-step authentication process, allowing you and your policyholders to know their sensitive information is secure. 

Simplify Compliance

Feel secure knowing that One Inc maintains the highest level of compliance 

Understanding the complexities of PCI compliance, we partnered with Conformance Technologies to provide exactly what you need to maintain compliance without spending exhaustive time, money, and resources.

By using One Inc, you are eligible for the easiest possible SAQ-SAQ A.

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Remove Payment Data

Embed our payment input form into your existing portal(s) or utilize One Inc portals branded to your company.  

Since the information is passed through One Inc, the sensitive payment data bypasses your network.


Tokenization & Two-Factor Authentication

One Inc tokenizes both premiums and claims payment data and passes half of the token to you – no sensitive payment data ever touches your network. 

Authenticate by having individuals provide personal information as well as a code provided via phone or text. 


Digital Payments Platform Features


Claims Payments

Close claims faster and save money on mailing checks by paying claims digitally. Increase retention, lower costs, and reduce risk by delivering digital claims payments through payees’ preferred channels and methods.

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Premium Payments

Multiple payment methods designed to integrate with new and legacy core systems. Align the payment experience with your core systems and make it easy for policyholders to pay through the methods of their choice.

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