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The insurance marketplace
is getting crowded.

Technology has made the barrier-to-entry lower than ever. It seems like every week, a new insurtech is announced. And there is a steady stream of mature carriers launching their own digital-first products to meet the demands of modern policyholders.

The remaining insurance companies are beginning to ask, "How can we retain policyholders in a market with increasing alternatives and decreasing switching-costs?"

Check out the following infographic to learn how a few simple changes can turn your customers into loyal brand advocates.

Customer Retention InfoGraphic: Utilize digital engagement, modern payment methods, and efficient self-service systems to increase customer satisfaction, which increases retention and persistency and decreases overall loss ratio.

For the modern policyholder,
retention is about value,
and value is about experience.

If you give your current policyholders an exceptional experience, they’ll be more likely to stay with you, month-after-month, year-after-year, which can lead to a significant increase in revenue.

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