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Strategic Partnership

Simplifying Your PCI Burden


PCI Expertise

Every business that accepts credit cards is required to be compliant with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Obtaining and maintaining PCI compliance on your own involves expensive audits, extensive resource investment, and potentially significant updates to your network. We help you remove payment card data from your network and simplify compliance, allowing you to focus more time and resources on growing your business.

In addition to removing card data functions from your network, One Inc has partnered with Conformance to create a Customer PCI Program that:

checkmark icon Reduces the time and resources required to complete the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

checkmark icon Provides expertise, services, and equipment replacement in the event of a data incident.

checkmark icon  Protects your organization with breach insurance.


Percentage of insurers who discovered “significant” cybersecurity incidents within their organization


The average cost per lost or stolen record in the event of a data breach


Percentage of consumers who said they lost trust in breached organizations

  • https://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/ey-cyber-strategy-for-insurers/$File/ey-cyber-strategy-for-insurers.pdf

One Inc provides the following services: PCI Toolkit®

Set up an account with your Merchant Identification Number.

Answer a series of non-technical questions to determine which SAQ applies to our organization (10-15 minutes). By using One Inc, you may be eligible for the easiest possible SAQ.

Follow the guided set of simplified questions, which completes your SAQ.

Once you have attested, you’ll have access to the completed SAQ and certificate of compliance.

Data Incident Management Program


Data Incident Forensic Services — Full forensic investigation, review, and incident reporting.


Consumer Notification Services — Notification preparation and distribution to affected customers.


EMV POS Equipment Services — Up to $1,500 of EMV-compatible POS equipment or software replacement.


Data Incident Notification Services — Legal service to determine if and when a data compromise incident should be reported.


Legal Services — Up to $10,000 in legal services.


Data Incident Public Relations Management — Internal and external messaging from a national caliber PR firm.

Breach Insurance

Your payment card data has been tokenized and outsourced through One Inc, so there is no sensitive information to steal in the event of data breach. However, if one does occur, you'll still need to pay for a post-breach audit to verify your network is clean. We provide you with $100,000 of insurance protection to cover these potential costs, helping your organization get back on track quickly. 

Compliance is Smart and Required

Keeping your customer’s information safe is smart for your business, required by the card brands, and in some cases, state law. We provide you the expertise to simplify the necessary time, money, and resources. Let us help you make PCI compliance easy!