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One Inc Announces Partnership with SECURA Insurance Illustration

6 minute read

One Inc Announces Partnership with SECURA Insurance

One Inc announced today that Wisconsin-based SECURA Insurance, has selected One Inc’s full best-in-class suite of digital payment solutions PremiumPay® and ClaimsPay®, for both inbound and outbound payments for one of its insurance products.

Customer Retention Illustration

1 minute read

Customer Retention

Utilize digital engagement, modern payment methods, and efficient self-service systems to increase customer satisfaction, which increases retention and persistency and decreases overall loss ratio

ClaimsPay® Datasheet Illustration

1 minute read

ClaimsPay® Datasheet

ClaimsPay® is a proven digital payment solution that empowers insurers to disburse claim payments to anyone, using any method, and from anywhere.

Bank Account Validation Illustration

1 minute read

Bank Account Validation

Bank Account Validation (BAV) is a service offered by One Inc that checks for potential issues and inconsistencies related to an insured’s bank account.

Digital Payments Illustration

1 minute read

Digital Payments

One Inc Digital Payments combines payment processing, mulit-channel communication, claims payments, and financial reporting.

Pay by Link Illustration

1 minute read

Pay by Link

Pay by Link is a convenient, mobile-friendly, and PCI- and TCPA-compliant payment channel that allows insurers to securely collect premium payments.

Check Issuance Illustration

1 minute read

Check Issuance

One Inc provides an all-in-one claims payment solution that delights policyholders, lowers operational costs, and increases payment security.

Pay by Text Illustration

2 minute read

Pay by Text

With Pay by Text you can digitally engage with your policyholders and accept payments at the same time! It’s a win-win solution.

West Bend Case Study Illustration

1 minute read

West Bend Case Study

West Bend Mutual Insurance: A Digital Claim Payments Transformation Journey. The company knew they needed to accelerate their digital claim payment strategy.

The Auto Club Group Success Story Illustration

1 minute read

The Auto Club Group Success Story

Confident of One Inc’s expertise in property casualty insurance use cases, as well as its ability to be both innovative and collaborative, ACG selected One Inc as its fintech partner.

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