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What We Offer and Why

One Inc is committed to providing insurers top security measures designed to reduce the risk of fraud and payment data theft. At One Inc, keeping your data safe and secure is as essential to our team as it is to yours. We use the strongest security measures to reduce the risk of fraud or theft of your personal data. Our system is PCI compliant and can successfully protect you and your policyholders. Here are the measures we take to ensure your information is kept safe and secure:

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Security Defenses

We deploy industry standard security appliances and protect our services from attacks by utilizing WAF and IPS which continuously monitor traffic and block requests considered to be a threat.


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Data is stored and encrypted in our databases through Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) which provides real-time encryption of both inbound and outbound data electronically sent during a transaction.


Security & Compliance Training

Compliance and Security training, which includes cybersecurity, PCI-DSS, anti-money laundering, HIPAA, and privacy training, is mandatory for all staff, and a refresher course is offered each year.

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Secure Development

Our development team trains staff and keeps informed on security trends and threats. They perform automated security-focused tests where content is reviewed and updated as threats are discovered.


Security Incident Response

One Inc has a dedicated security team that monitors our service and immediately notify affected customers of any suspected or confirmed unauthorized access to information via e-mail or phone.

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One Inc tokenizes both premium and claims sensitive payment data into a randomly generated string of characters which are then encrypted, broken up and stored in multiple locations for security purposes. The token itself contains no real value so the information is useless to thieves.

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Monitoring & Rapid Response

One Inc’s dedicated security team has an automated incident detection monitor, and escalation technologies and procedures in place to protect our platform 24/7/365.

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Dual-Factor Authentication

Dual-factor authentication verifies an individual’s identity by using two factors. Customers provide personal information and a code which is provided via phone or text by a third-party authenticator.

Key Statistics


74% of 2019 payment fraud cases were from checks

2021 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey


25% of global organizations keep cardholder payment data secure

2020 Oct Globe Newswire Article

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Deliver fast, secure digital claims payments through payees’ preferred channels and methods.

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