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Reimagining the Insurance Customer Experience 

The current state, where the gaps lie, and why the customer journey needs to be reimagined.

  • How can carriers innovate the customer experience right now?
  • What does customer loyalty and retention depend on today?
  • Which next gen technology is driving an increase in NPS and retention rates?
  • What tools can be used to enable insurer transparency and increase trust levels?
  • How can insurers drive customer call and voicemail reduction?

One Inc Whitepaper

This white paper discusses how digital approaches to technology, data, and customer engagement can redefine the customer experience.

A Customer Centric Approach is Critical

Most insurers acknowledge the impact of changing customer expectations on their organizations and recognize the value of customer experience for retention and loyalty. Under pressure from the accelerated pace of industry demands, however, many have fallen back to the more traditional inside-out view. But providing the digital omnichannel experience customers demand will require reimagining the insurance customer journey with an outside-in approach embedded throughout the enterprise. It will need new approaches to digital engagement, automation, technology, and data.