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Insurer Compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

Compliance Challenges, Key Takeaways and Steps Insurers Need to Take Now

  • What is in and out of TCPA’s scope for insurance carriers?
  • How does digital engagement fit into the picture?
  • How can customer express consent opt-ins and opt-outs be managed?
  • How can insurance carriers ensure protection from large fines and penalties?
  • How can third parties be leveraged to manage TCPA compliance?

One Inc Whitepaper

This white paper discusses the requirements of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), why insurer compliance is important, ways to manage customer express consent, and how to reduce the risk of severe penalties.

Insurer TCPA Compliance is Critical

The risks of TCPA non-compliance are substantial. But the effort involved with TCPA compliance is also significant. Having to monitor both federal and state TCPA regulations, while also obtaining and managing customer express consent for opt-ins and opt-outs can be overwhelming. Using a trusted third party experienced in TCPA regulation, who utilizes legally compliant opt-in/opt-out protocols, an insurer-focused digital engagement engine, and an Opt-in/Opt-out database can significantly help insurers with critical TCPA compliance efforts and drastically reduce the risk of severe penalties.