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We take the pain out of payment processing.

One Inc was established to help insurers deliver a frictionless payment experience through software solutions developed by people who truly understand insurance.
The Insurance Software Company Built by Insurance People

Co-founded in 2012 by former insurance executives Christopher Ewing and Tim Tyannikov, One Inc offers an industry-leading digital payments platform – designed to integrate with insurance core systems – to process both premiums and claims.

Today, more than 100 insurance companies process over $5 billion per year using the One Inc Digital Payments Platform.


Our Solution

The One Inc Digital Payments Platform helps insurers modernize their organizations through a frictionless payments experience. By delighting policyholders and streamlining internal operations, our platform is designed as a win-win solution to help insurance companies:


Boost Customer Satisfaction

Happier customers lead to better retention, persistency, and brand advocacy.


Save Time &
Cut Costs

Efficient, accurate digital payments make life easier for you and your customers.


Simplify Security & Compliance

You get top-level security and compliance, while we take on the heavy lifting.

Our History

  • Insurance Roots

    Christopher Ewing and Tim Tyannikov accumulated a combined 25+ years of experience as insurance executives before turning their full attention to the development of industry-specific software solutions.

    Christopher Ewing jumped into the insurance business in the late 90s to become CTO and General Counsel at Cost-U-Less. He also served in an executive role at several other insurance companies, such as Keenan Holdings (President and CEO), Stonewood Insurance Services (Co-founder, President, and CEO), ClearSide General Insurance Services (Co-founder and CTO), GreenPath Insurance Company (Co-founder, General Counsel, and EVP).

    Tim Tyannikov brought his software engineering background to the insurance industry in the early 2000s as CIO at Cost-U-Less Insurance, where he built the enterprise systems and ran the entire IT department. He went on to hold executive positions at companies such as ClearSide General Insurance Services and GreenPath Insurance Company. He engineered multiple software solutions and enterprise-level systems for companies such as Keenan Holdings.

    Not surprisingly, Chris Ewing and Tim Tyannikov joined forces, and in 2012, One Inc was born. From the beginning, they applied everything they learned from running insurance companies to the design of insurance technology platforms.

  • One Inc: The Early Days

    One Inc was established in 2012 with a passion for solving complex real-world insurance challenges. Driven by a desire to modernize the insurance industry, founders Chris Ewing and Tim Tyannikov developed an entire suite of insurance software products - policy management, agency management, digital payments processing - to solve for all the gaps they found in the industry during their time as insurance executives. But the real magic was just about to begin.

  • Digital Payments: The Real Magic Begins

    One Inc got its big break in 2014 when the company secured its first major payments deal. It was the beginning of the future as all the pieces coalesced into the current One Inc Digital Payments Platform. The company took off to become the most complete payments provider in the insurance industry, offering solutions for both premiums and claims processing. The One Inc Digital Payments Platform generated tremendous growth for the company, and payments quickly became the primary focus in 2018.

    With the newest release of ClaimsPay® in 2019, One Inc is continuing to gain traction as a digital payments powerhouse. Our mission is to modernize the insurance industry through a frictionless payment experience.

Now, let us help you.

Our Digital Payments Platform helps more than 100 insurance companies process over $5 billion in payments annually.

Contact us today to find out how our Digital Payment Platform can help you boost customer satisfaction, save time and cut costs, and simplify security and compliance.

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