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Digital Payments Platform

One Inc offers a single platform built for insurance to process premiums and claims payments. It’s the one solution you need to deliver a frictionless payment experience.

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Full Stack & Insurance Specific


Reduce Operating Costs

Put money back into your pocket by processing inbound and outbound payments digitally. Gone are the long days of processing paper checks, and manual reporting and reconciliation processes. Additionally, with One Inc’s self-service policyholder and vendor portals, experience fewer calls to your call center.


Innovate Without Disruption

Keep up with the insurance industry's digital transformation without changing your core system or tying up valuable resources. Our Digital Payments Platform integrates with any policyholder and claims management system. You can configure all modals, portals, and communication templates without extensive development.


Retain More Customers

Delight your policyholders by giving them the payment experience they deserve. Better yet, also proactively communicate with them throughout the policy lifecycle using the channels they use most. Text, email, or phone IVR, One Inc gives you the digital engagement tools you need to reap the rewards of customer loyalty.


Simplify Security & Compliance

Reduce security risk by removing all sensitive payment instrument data from your network. One Inc tokenizes payment information and provides a multi-step authentication process for your policyholders. Plus, we do everything to simplify your compliance with PCI-DSS, Nacha, SOC-2, and relevant federal legislation.


Our Products

Premiums Payments

Give policyholders the digital payment options they want without getting rid of your existing core systems and processes. Securely capture payment information without storing it on your network. Make reporting and reconciliation fast, easy, and painless.

Payment Choice
Payment Input
Easier Payments

Claims Payments

Close claims faster and save money on processing checks by paying claims digitally through ClaimsPay®. Increase customer retention, lower operating costs, and reduce security and compliance risk by delivering digital claims payments through payees’ preferred payment channels and methods.


Policyholder Options
Multi-Party Payments
All-in-One Solution

Digital Engagement

Proactively engage policyholders through the channels they use most. Timely payment notifications and messages triggered by important events in the policy, billing, and claims lifecycle stimulate greater customer satisfaction that results in customer loyalty and retention.



Lifecycle Events


Preference Management