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Deliver your Customers Choice, Speed, and Convenience

Customer choice, speed, convenience illustrationDigital payment capabilities enabled by APIs allow insurers to provide speed, convenience and choice. Insurers are enabled to manage the entire payment process with less cost, faster settlement, and more efficiency. One Inc enables insurers to deliver on their brand promise to provide a secure and superior customer experience in ANY situation. It provides insurers with the ability to give their customers what they want and expect: choice, speed and convenience.

That’s the strength derived from the Power of One — a cohesive and seamless customer experience for both inbound and outbound digital payments.

The Value of the Power of One – One Solution, Unlimited Potential

To stay competitive, insurers need an enterprise-wide digital platform that leverages cloud technology and APIs to enable agility and scalability. They need the significant benefits and operational efficiencies that a robust digital payment platform can provide. With the right technology infrastructure and value-added strategic partnerships, insurers can deliver a unified omnichannel customer experience.

Exclusive Insurance Industry Focus Illustration

Exclusive Insurance Industry Focus

We understand insurance because it our business too. We utilize our insurance expertise to drive customer value.

Inbound/Outbound Digital Payments Platform Illustration

Inbound/Outbound Digital Payments Platform

Our flexible and configurable platform leaves no workflow out of scope and provides a single enterprise solution.

End to End Payment Process Digitization Illustration

End to End Payment Process Digitization

Our comprehensive and holistic approach to payments focuses on insurance workflow optimization.

Expansive Payment Methods Illustration

Expansive Payment Methods

We provide the industry’s most robust portfolio of digital payment options, including ACH, all major credit/debit cards, Venmo, PayPal®, Apple Pay®, and Google Pay™.

Payment Tokenization Illustration


Inbound premium payment preferences are able to be saved to disburse outbound funds, enabling a frictionless customer experience.

Digital Customer Engagement Tools Illustration

Digital Customer Engagement Tools

Insurers can proactively reach out to the insured during key policy/claims events, such as cancellation or payment due notifications.

More Features and Benefits for You to Explore

Multi-Party Payment Workflow Automation Illustration

Multi-Party Payment Workflow Automation

We deliver automated multi-party payment authorization and approval workflows with adjuster-owned dispute resolution, even for the more complex payments that include 3rd parties and vendors.

Accelerated Vendor, Lienholder and Mortgagee Payments Illustration

Accelerated Vendor, Lienholder and Mortgagee Payments

Our vendor, lienholder and lender networks deliver specialized insurance payments digitally. Insurers can close total loss claims up to 10 days faster and reduce payment cycle time to less than 24 hours.

Core System Validated Integration Accelerators Illustration

Core System Validated Integrations

Our billing, premium, and claim system integrations reduce implementation risk and deliver speed to market.

Streamlined Funding Workflow Illustration

Streamlined Funding Workflow

Insurers retain the ability to use their existing bank accounts, instead of establishing new accounts.

Robust Automated Reconciliation Illustration

Robust Automated Reconciliation

Our Treasury Suite delivers the ability to report and reconcile all in one location—with custom searches, an intuitive dashboard, and underlying data capabilities.

Low Code No Code UI Illustration

Low Code/No Code UI

Our premium payment modal and digital engagement tools allow insurers to build, test and deploy within minutes using no code, providing speed to market with less resources.

Key Statistics


Insurers Rate CX Critical for Business

April 2021 Celent Study

Insurers Prioritize Digital Transformation to Meet Customer Expectations

2020 Celent Study

Digital Insurance Payments: The Greatest Opportunity to Optimize Customer Experience

Premium Payments Illustration

Premium Payments

Due to their frequency, premium payments are the greatest opportunity for customer interaction. Monthly billing alone equals 12 customer interactions annually.

One Inc makes them easy, convenient and fast for your customers.

Explore PremiumPay 2.0

Claims Payments Illustration

Claims Payments

Due to their importance, claim payments are the most critical to the customer experience – the ‘moment of truth’ when an insurer must quickly make their insured whole again.

One Inc delivers claimants rapid access to much needed funds.

Explore ClaimsPay

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