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Disburse Payments

Fast, Secure, Digital Payments

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Features and Benefits Example Phone App Illustration

Features and Benefits

Pay Anyone Animated Illustration

Disburse Payment
to Anyone

  • Insureds / Claimants(Single or Multi-Party)
  • Homeowners & Mortgagees
  • Lienholders
  • Vendors and Providers
  • Agents

Pay With Any Method Animated Illustration

Disburse Payment
with Any Method

  • Direct to Card
  • Direct Deposit
  • ClaimsCard®(Instant Pre-Paid Card)
  • Mail Pre-Paid Card
  • PayPal & Venmo
  • Check

Pay with Mobile App Animated Illustration

Disburse Payment from Anywhere

  • ​Pay claims & provide funds instantly during catastrophic situations with “CAT” cards

Integration and Configuration Phone Illustration

Integration and Configuration Without Disruption

Accelerators Animated Illustration

Core System Integrations

  • Flexible claim payment integration via API and flat file. Integrate even faster using pre-built cloud solutions or low-code accelerators
  • Wide range of integrations options from core system partners like Guidewire, Duck Creek, Origami Risk, Insuresoft, Majesco and more!

Web Services Animated Illustration

Web Services

  • Enable real-time data retrieval to fuel productivity
  • ​Our robust set of web services facilitates faster responses & ensures swift payment transactions

Portal Animated Illustration


  • Enhance your customer experience with our insurer-branded & secure self-service web portal
  • ​Quickly access, view & update all payment information in a single online location

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conformance-checkmark Close claims faster

conformance-checkmark Retain customers 

conformance-checkmark Save money

Pay Anyone

ClaimsPay® allows property/casualty insurers the ability to pay anyone at any time.

Pay Insured Illustration

Pay Insureds/Claimants
(Single or Multi-Party)

Eliminate complications and claim payment delays. Whether you have a single claimant or a multi-party claim, ClaimsPay® makes the complex, simple.

Our proprietary authorization system and multi-party process is streamlined, enforceable and secure. It provides complete flexibility by allowing payees to determine the payment distribution amounts, as well as select their individual payment methods.

Homeowners and Mortgagees Illustration

Pay Homeowners
and Mortgagees

Pay homeowners and mortgagees easily, and help homeowners get needed funds with ClaimsPay® Digital Mortgagee Solution.

The existing financial institution relationships and proprietary pending multi-party payment approval process from ClaimsPay® facilitates faster disbursement authorization. That means homeowners have quicker access to desperately needed funds during a time of hardship. And that means that you have the ability to give your customers peace of mind when they need it most.

Leinholders Illustration

Pay Lienholders

Pay lienholders easily, get transferred titles faster, and recoup money from salvage.

Digital Total Loss Solution from ClaimsPay® can help you close claims up to 10 days faster. That means less money spent on rental car and storage expenses. It also means getting auto titles transferred faster so you can recoup money from salvage, and get payments to lienholders and needed funds to policyholders with speed. The result? Happier customers.

Refund Policyholders Illustration

Refund Policyholders
and Pay Agents

Issue premium refunds to policyholders and pay agent commissions digitally - via their preferred payment method. 

One Inc Premium Refunds and Commission Payments enable carriers to deliver digital disbursements with speed, convenience, and security. Say goodbye to all the uncertainty, intensive management, and excessive costs associated with physical checks.  Reduce the burden of PCI and state regulatory compliance.  Your customers and agents will have control over how they’d like to be paid and will be impressed with rapid access to funds.  Enjoy better customer retention and keeps agents happy too.

Pay Vendors Illustration

Pay Vendors and Providers

Settle claim payments faster, attract "best in class" vendors and providers, and increase leverage in cost negotiations with the ClaimsPay® Digital Vendor Payments Solution.

The ClaimsPay® Vendor Portal streamlines the enrollment process, facilitating vendor self-enrollment and management, and allowing vendors with multiple locations to handle their own security, permissions, and workflow. Digital vendor payments can be deposited directly into vendor-designated bank accounts or processed through the vendor Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals via a virtual card number. Vendors are able to use the ClaimsPay® Vendor Portal to receive, view, and download claim payment and remittance information directly.

Included in ClaimsPay®

Customer Experience Animated Illustration

Customer Experience

Connect and retain policyholders through an exceptional, expedient and seamless payment experience.

Read about Customer Experience

Digital Engagement Animated Illustration


Proactively engage policyholders in the channels they use most, throughout the premiums and claims payment experience.

Read about Digital Engagement

Reporting and Reconciliation Animated Illustration

Reporting & Reconciliation

Reconcile accounts, instantly find discrepancies, analyze and report payment activity.

Read about Reporting & Reconciliation

Security and Compliance Animated Illustration

Security & Compliance

Remove sensitive payment data from your network and simplify your compliance burden.

Read about Security & Compliance

Why Choose One Inc for your Digital Payments?

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Customers & Growing




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$70 Billion

Annual Payments Volume

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