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Transform Platform Operations with
Frictionless Payments


Life insurance carriers need a payment processing system that will grow with their company and continually meet the needs of its customers. One Inc’s Digital Payment Platform is the right platform to choose.

With One Inc Handling Payments,
Life Insurance Carriers’ Will:

Optimize Customer Experience Illustration

Optimize Customer Experience 

One Inc helps carriers transform their operations to increase the customer experience, which results in greater customer loyalty and retention. 

Maintain Compliance and Reduce the PCI Burden Illustration

Maintain Compliance and Reduce the PCI Burden  

One Inc reduces the PCI burden required to maintain compliance. We are fully certified and compliant with TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), PCI DSS, Nacha, SOC 1 & SOC 2, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) ®, and ADA. 

Maximize Treasury/Finance Features Illustration

Maximize Treasury/Finance Features

Claims, refunds, and commissions are part of our treasury and finance functions for both inbound and outbound payments. We also offer robust routing and reporting tools and have a complete API. In addition, we provide an integrated chargeback management system and the ability to reconcile to your core billing and policy systems in real-time.

Oversee Digital Engagement Illustration

Oversee Digital Engagement

Our digital engagement/communication engine includes a payment portal designed exclusively for the insurance industry. Our IVR gives carriers the ability to proactively communicate with customers when a specific event occurs such as policy cancellation, payment due notification, expired policy notification or claims notification.

Employ Multi-Payment Options Illustration

Employ Multi-Payment Options

The comprehensive end-to-end digital payments platform provides expanded payment options, multi-channel digital communications, and rapid digital payment. It also provides a frictionless payment transformation, leveraging a single virtual wallet for both premium payments and claim disbursements that support an enhanced user experience and detailed API documentation.

Speed Up Receivables Illustration

Speed Up Receivables

One Inc allows insurers to accept payments more rapidly, bind policies faster and collect credit card and ACH payments more efficiently.

Choose Payment Options Illustration

Choose Payment Options

Carriers that choose One Inc’s Digital Payments Platform modernize their customer experience by consolidating payments and streamlining inbound and outbound payment processing. Insurers can process payments anywhere and choose from a variety of payment options including One Inc’s Express ClaimsCard®, IVR, digital wallets, debit, ACH payments, mobile payments, Pay by Text, split payments, QuickPay and more.


Avoid Theft and Fraud

One Inc keeps all sensitive payment data off your network to reduce and deter fraud, and continually reviews security practices to give you the best protection.

Eliminate Paper Checks Illustration

Eliminate Paper Checks

Digital payments lower operational costs and reduce inefficiencies associated with receiving and disbursing paper checks.

The Power of One

icon_solution-puzzle-piece-static-500x500One Inc was founded by insurers for insurers, to serve only one industry — insurance, and we are experts in this domain. We focus on quality, reliability and reputation, and handle both inbound and outbound payments of all types and methods. That is the Power of One.

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