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Pay by Text

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Features and Benefits

Automatic Text Payment Reminders Illustration

Automatic Text Payment Reminders

Collects Payments Faster Illustration

Collects Payments Faster

Eco-friendly Paperless Payment Channel Illustration

Eco-friendly Paperless Payment Channel

Improves the Customer Experience Illustration

Improves the Customer Experience

Insurer Gets Fewer Late and Missed Payments Illustration

Insurer Gets Fewer Late and Missed Payments

TCPA Compliant Illustration

Safe, Secure, and TCPA Compliant

Real-time Payment Reminder Text Illustration

Real-time Payment Reminder Text

Configurable Text Templates and Expiration Settings Illustration

Configurable Text Templates and Expiration Settings

Policyholder Opt-in / Opt-out Management Illustration

Policyholder Opt-in / Opt-out Management

Policyholders Pay Their Premiums with a Text

Pay by Text provides your policyholders with a simple, fast, and convenient payment channel to pay their premiums on time, whenever and wherever they are. Policyholders reply 'PAY' to a real-time payment reminder text without logging into a portal, pulling out a checkbook, or entering a credit card number.

Pay by Text engages policyholders and accepts payments at the same time. It’s a win-win solution.

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How Does Pay by Text Work? Just Follow the Simple Eight Steps Below.


The policyholder opts in to receive text messages from the insurer.


The insurer sends One Inc a batch file with customer identification and billing elements.


Using the policyholder’s preferred payment method, One Inc sends the policyholder a payment notification text.


The policyholder receives the text from One Inc’s communication module and replies with 'PAY'.


One Inc processes the payment using the policyholder’s previously saved payment instrument.


The policyholder receives a confirmation text once they've made the payment.


One Inc sends the insurer an output file with the payment processing status.


The insurer accesses Pay by Text transactions in the One Inc Digital Payments Admin Portal.

Pay by Text Engages Policyholders and Accepts Payments at the Same Time.
It’s a Win-win Solution.

Adults carry text enabled phones Illustration


of adults carry text-enabled phones

Smartphone users text regularly Illustration


of smartphone users text on a regular basis

Companies text their consumers illustration


of companies text with their consumers

Texts are opened within the first 3 minutes illustration


of texts are opened within the first 3 minutes

Consumer reply to branded text messages illustration


of consumers reply to branded text message blasts

Texts from businesses are effective illustration


of consumers say texts from businesses are effective

Pay by Text is a prime opportunity for your insurance company to engage policyholders and boost retention. Collect payments faster, experience fewer late or missed payments, and improve the overall customer experience.

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