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Payment Modal

One Inc offers insurance companies a secure payment modal that is injected seamlessly into their existing online customer portal, website, policy management system, or web application.

The payment modal is a window or widget that provides policyholders the ability to pay their premium digitally without leaving the insurance company’s website. Policyholders can login, view their policy information, payment details and due date, and make a digital payment on their premium. Sensitive payment information is captured and tokenized by One Inc and is removed from the insurance company’s network.

The payment modal supports users in making a one-time, future, or recurring payment. Using the modal, users can transition from making slower and more traditional cash and check payments to making digital payments that are more secure, faster, and more efficient.

Features and Benefits

One Inc’s Payment Model includes the following features and benefits:

Simplified and Secure Compliance Illustration

Simplified and Secure Compliance

Payments are PCI and Nacha compliant and tokenized to remove sensitive information off the insurance or carrier’s network. Reduce risk exposure while simplifying network security and compliance practices around PCI, NACHA, SOC-2, and more.

Choice of Payment Collection Illustration

Choice of Payment Collection

The insurer can choose how payment details are to be collected, whether through branded and embedded payment input forms or portals.

Tokenization and the Two-Factor Authentication Illustration

Tokenization and the Two-Factor Authentication

Tokenized payment information provides a multi-step authentication process, assuring insurers and policyholders that their sensitive information is secure. One Inc tokenizes both premiums and claims payment data and passes half of the token to the insurer. Authenticate by having individuals provide personal information as well as a code provided via phone or text.

Configurable Modal Design Illustration

Configurable Modal Design

Self-service payment process screens are embedded onto a carrier’s site or implemented as a pop-up and are easily configured to reflect a carrier’s branding and style, giving the insurer control over the customer experience.

Digital Wallet Management Illustration

Digital Wallet Management

Policyholders can store, update, and manage payment preferences quickly and effectively using the digital wallet.

When it comes to payments, choose the payment platform that can streamline the payment process and offer data security. Choose One Inc.

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