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Features and Benefits

The online, innovative, and secure Payment Portal coordinates payments through three segments: the policyholder, insurance agent, and Customer Service Representative (CSR). Each channel displays specific screens to expediate a policyholder’s payment(s).

Completely Secure and Compliant Illustration

Completely Secure and Compliant: Nacha and PCI compliant, ADA Level compliant, ADA Level AA compliant.

Auto Payment Illustration

Autopayments: Set up recurring payments; schedule payment dates; view payment and billing history.

Convenience Illustration

Convenience: Policyholders can make a payment on a single policy or on up to 5 multiple policies.

Secure Illustration

Secure: Sensitive payment information is captured and tokenized to keep information safe and secure.

Regulated Illustration

Regulated: The portal can regulate payment methods on specific transactions (Ex: no prepaid cards) .

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