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Outsource your Vendor and Service Provider Payments Illustration

Outsource your Vendor and Service Provider Payments

Every day, your team spends time processing claim payments to vendors and service providers and fielding support questions. What if that time was directed toward more important things? With ClaimsPay®, you can completely outsource your vendor and service provider payments. One Inc will manage the entire process — from payment to support.  Close claims faster, save money so you can focus on what matters most – your policyholders.

Stay Focused on Your Policyholders Illustration

Stay Focused on Your Policyholders

One Inc manages 100% of your vendor’s claim payment experience. That includes vendors that provided you with claim-related services (third-party appraisers) and any service providers used by the insured or claimant (body shops, medical providers, etc). We make the transition from paper checks to digital payments easy with full-service vendor onboarding, self-service tools, adjuster training and support, and a dedicated vendor call center. We take care of your vendors so that you can take care of your policyholders.

Streamline Business Operations and Close Claims Faster Illustration

Streamline Business Operations and Close Claims Faster

ClaimsPay® takes vendor and service provider payments off your plate without disrupting your current claim payment workflows. Your insurance agents or adjusters simply select a ClaimsPay® method from within your existing claims management system to issue a digital payment. We even reduce the number of calls to your agents by providing a vendor call center and self-service portal. It’s our way of helping you close claims faster and improving the efficiency of your business.

Main Features

Guaranteed Vendor Adoption of Payments Illustration

Guaranteed Vendor Adoption of Payments

Full-service Vendor Onboarding Illustration

Full-service Vendor Onboarding

Branded Onboarding Communication Illustration

Branded Onboarding Communication

White Glove Vendor Services Illustration

White Glove Vendor Services

Vendor Payment Preference Management Illustration

Vendor Payment Preference Management

Dedicated Support Call Center Illustration

Dedicated Support Call Center

Vendor Network Illustration

Vendor Network

Vendor Self-service Portal Illustration

Vendor Self-service Portal

Multiple Payment Methods Illustration

Multiple Payment Methods

Multi-party Payments and Approvals Illustration

Multi-party Payments and Approvals

Check Printing & Escheatment Available Illustration

Check Printing & Escheatment Available

1099 Reporting Illustration

1099 Reporting

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