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Virtualize Digital Payments with the Power of One Platform
The Time is Now

Recorded December 10, 2020



Watch the Webinar!

One Inc would like to invite you to watch the first installment of One Inc's Digital Payments webinar series.

Karen Furtado, Partner of Strategy Meets Action joined Kevin Ostrander, CSO of One Inc to discuss the acceleration of digital payments transformation and why digital payments are red hot right now in insurance.

In recent years, more and more insurers have implemented digital payments solutions to deliver a better customer experience. Those insurers who haven't, have been realizing the gap, with some even struggling, especially when it comes to getting claim payments out the door. The drive to reduce expenses has also become even more of a priority than in years past.

Save your Seat

After years of struggling to meet the growing demand for digital enablement, insurers now have access to a virtual cornucopia of innovative technology that has reshaped the entire industry. Today’s insurance experience is marked by a sleeker, more efficient business model, and a hyper-personalized approach to the customer relationship. But how can the average company – especially one that is still tied to inflexible core systems – compete with the wave of digitally agile market newcomers?


Who you will hear from:

Karen and Kevin will deliver an engaging discussion around real-world insights they are hearing from various insurance companies. Jennifer Overhulse, Principal at St. Nick Media will moderate Q&A for this interactive webinar. Join this panel of industry veterans to learn why the time is NOW to embrace one platform for digital payments across your organization.


Kevin Ostrander

Chief Sales Officer

One Inc


Karen Furtado


SMA Strategy Meets Action


Jennifer Overhulse

Principal Owner

St. Nick Media Services