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10 Interesting Ways to Describe Your Insurance Career

Certain industries seem to generate more inherent allure and fascination than others. Pilots, artists, and doctors, for example, often receive a flood of questions once a new acquaintance learns of their craft.

Working in insurance, however, one quickly realizes how few people appreciate the glamour and excitement surrounding this profession. Worse yet, the industry is often misrepresented, shrouded by negative stereotypes, and sometimes even vilified. This creates a very different experience for insurers upon the inevitable social pleasantry, “What do you do?

The mere mention of insurance is often met with a moment of silence (cricket, cricket), followed by a quick change of subject. To sidestep this awkwardness, some insurers prefer to approach the career conversation with a bit more... creative flair. Here are a few cricket-free icebreakers you can use at the next dinner party when asked what you do for a living.

1. The Business Professional
I provide financial crisis management services.

2. Batman
I’m a financial first responder.

3. The Guide
I offer peace-of-mind and security.

4. The Silicon Valley Geek 
I work in fintech and insurtech.

5. The Protector 
I help people safeguard their homes [or businesses, etc.].

6. The Fixer 
I solve the money problems most people don’t want to deal with.

7. Mom/Dad
People call me when something terrible happens to their homes [or cars, etc.] and they need the money to fix it.

8. The Caretaker
I make sure my clients have everything they need when things go wrong.

9. The Counselor 
I deal in stress management.

10. Keep 'em Guessing
They call me… The Unicorn.

Although these tongue-in-cheek responses are meant to be fun and disarming, they can also serve to counter some common misunderstandings about the insurance industry.

Most consumers go about their daily lives completely unaware that you are working tirelessly and faithfully in the background to make sure your policyholders have the financial help they need in times of crisis. Few people think about – much less understand - the intricacies of actuarial tables, DOI regulations, and the laws that drive insurance processes, timelines, and pricing.

The opportunity to show people the (exciting!) truth about insurance doesn’t come along often, at least not with an eager audience. An amusing, creative professional description may just add the kind of spark that turns casual small-talk into a deeper discussion, allowing you to challenge negative stereotypes and raise awareness about the truly fascinating world of insurance.

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Disclaimer: This article contains opinion-editorial content and is not a substitute for legal advice.

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