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How Auto Insurance Providers Can Prepare for Memorial Day Weekend

Insurers know just how dangerous the roads can be on busy holidays, and Memorial Day is no exception. Auto fatalities, drunk driving arrests, and car accidents all spike over this three-day weekend.

Here are a few ideas to consider on the eve of this widely-celebrated American holiday.

1) Educate your policyholders about the driving dangers.

Email your customers to remind them of the importance of defensive driving, especially when the roads are extra crowded, and include driver safety tips. Send them a list of safe transportation alternatives to prevent drunk driving, including any special “free ride” or “free tow” programs available in their area. Also, let them know that law enforcement will be on high alert across the country. Even if a driver manages to avoid collision, there is still an increased risk for traffic tickets and arrest.

2) Tell your policyholders what to do if they’re in an accident.

Sadly, even armed with the information and statistics, many people will still get in car accidents this weekend. Let them know what to do if this happens. Break down the process into simple steps, everything from calling the police to filing the First Notice of Loss (FNOL). In the post-accident chaos, it can be helpful for your policyholders to have a quick reference to guide them through the process.

3) Showcase your products.

People are more receptive to hearing about a new insurance option around the time they'd need it the most. If you offer travel insurance, rental car discounts, enhanced coverage, or a roadside assistance program, reach out to your customers to let them know. And for those who do need to file a claim this weekend, you can even personalize an offer to help them avoid repeating the incident in the future.

4) Treat your claims professionals.

While much of the country will be on vacation, your claims specialists will be putting in extra hours through the weekend and beyond. Help avoid burnout by encouraging them to take personal days off before or after this predictable workload influx. If they work in the office, bring in lunch, snacks, coffee, and other goodies to boost morale and show your appreciation.

5) Reflect the spirit of the holiday.

Many people consider this 3-day weekend to be a symbolic kickoff to the summer season. An excuse to get together with family and friends to visit, barbecue, travel, or simply enjoy a much-needed break from routine.

Most Americans also understand the true meaning of Memorial Day - to honor the men and women who died while serving their country. Remind your staff to be mindful when recognizing the holiday. “Happy Memorial Day” might be a warm expression of gratitude to one person, but to another, it could come across as dismissive or even disrespectful. “Have a safe Memorial Day weekend” is often used as a more sensitive salutation.

How to observe this holiday is a personal decision, and of course nobody is advocating censorship. But it can be helpful - for both staff and policyholders - to encourage awareness and acknowledge that Memorial Day weekend can mean different things to different people.

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