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The COVID-19 global health crisis impacts everyone, and we all respond in different ways. Some people have retreated in fear, while others grow frustrated at the idea of an uncertain future. And then there are those who obsess over the world news and are consumed with feelings of doom and despair. For individuals who are especially vulnerable, have fallen ill, or are grieving the loss of a loved one, this pandemic is literally a fight of life-and-death proportions.

Falling somewhere in the middle, most of us are trying our best to navigate the logistical challenges of shelter-in-place orders and other precautionary measures in our collective effort to slow the spread of the virus. Still, the expanding number of cases, ongoing business disruption, and abrupt changes in day-to-day life can its toll on even the strongest of souls.

Suffice to say, we could all use a bit of good news right now.

Thankfully, in these difficult times, we’re also seeing countless examples of humanity at its finest. From random acts of kindness to heroic undertakings, we’re reminded of the powerful possibilities that can only occur when communities rise together. Here is just a small sample of those inspiring stories.


Bravery in the Face of Danger

  • Healthcare Workers: The New Front Line
    In response to the New York governor’s call for help, more than 76 thousand healthcare workers are coming out of retirement, med school, and from other states, lending their time and skills – at great personal risk - to help fight the state’s COVID crisis.
  • To Protect and Serve
    Police departments across the country are turning their focus away from minor offenses and reducing arrests so they can dedicate more resources to support the health and well-being of their communities: conducting welfare checks on elderly residents, providing homeless outreach, and increasing “high visibility” patrols to reassure the anxious public.


Businesses Giving Back

  • One Million PPE Items
    The semiconductor giant, Intel, is donating one million items of much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks, gloves, face shields, and other gear, to healthcare workers.
  • $225 Million to Fight COVID
    Cisco, another Silicon Valley tech conglomerate, has committed to spend $225 million to fight the spread of COVID-19.


Public Compassion

  • Keeping the Power On
    Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has assured customers they will not shut off power for non-payment. They’re also offering flexible payment plans to help those whose salaries have been reduced or eliminated due to business closures.
  • Homeowners and Renters Relief
    Several banks are offering mortgage deferments to residents who cannot afford their house payments during the COVID crisis. There are also several regulations protecting renters whose income has been affected by the crisis.


Delivering the Goods

  • Front-Door Service
    Amazon is keeping its proverbial doors open – even hiring 100,000 additional employees – to deliver essential items to the homes of the millions of residents observing shelter-in-place orders. The Seattle-based company is also infusing its local community with donations of both money and food to help the hard-hit area through this difficult time.
  • Dining In
    Food delivery service, DoorDash, is offering commission-free delivery to help restaurants continue to run their businesses despite widespread stay-at-home orders keeping the patrons away.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

  • COVID Task Force
    Neighborhoods across the country are banding together to protect their most vulnerable residents. One Baltimore neighborhood, for example, has created a COVID response team to help elderly neighbors with grocery shopping, walking dogs, and picking up medications.
  • Getting Their Groove On
    With gyms shutting down, people are getting creative to continue their workouts. This Utah community organized a neighborhood Zumba® class where residents could enjoy the dance workout at a safe distance.


No Charge

  • Be Calm and Meditate On
    The meditation app, Calm, has opened up its popular meditation guides and sleep stories, free of charge, to help anyone who might benefit from a grounded mind and a good night’s sleep.
  • Never Stop Learning
    Multiple teaching and educational resources are offering free services during school shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders to help teachers and students continue to learn and grow.


The list is constantly growing, so please feel free to check back any time you need a reminder of all the good that exists in the world. 


This article is part of our ongoing Business Continuity & COVID series. Our goal is to provide information, inspiration, and resources to help insurers get through this time of community crisis, social distancing, and economic uncertainty. We are not medical professionals. However, we have been lucky enough to experience business continuity in the face of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We’ll be sharing some of the experiences that have helped us, in the hopes that you, too, can find creative ways to grow and build strength in your organization and policyholder relationships, even during these difficult times.

More resources are available on our Business Continuity page.

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Disclaimer: All information provided is meant for educational purposes only. For medical advice and regulatory information regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19, or COVID), please contact your healthcare provider or local health department.

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