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Pay by Text

Approximately 92% of U.S. adults carry text-enabled phones and 98% of smartphone users use text on a regular basis, but only 14% of companies text with their consumers. If you’re not engaging with your policyholders via text, you may be missing out on a distinctive edge over your competitors. With Pay by Text you can digitally engage with your policyholders and accept payments at the same time! It’s a win-win solution that is bound to improve your customer experience and lead to greater retention.

Pay by Text provides your customers with a simple, fast, and convenient payment channel to pay their premiums on time, whenever and wherever they are. With Pay by Text, paying for an insurance premium becomes as simple as replying to a text with “PAY”. Policyholders especially love the real-time payment reminders and the flexibility to pay their premium on the spot without logging in to a portal or pulling out a checkbook or credit card.

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