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One Inc Transforms the Insurance Payment Experience with a Modernized, Low Code/No Code Solution, PremiumPay® 2.0

The reimagined inbound payments platform gives carriers a fast and easy way to provide a better payment experience for customers without developers

FOLSOM, Calif. – November 3, 2021 - One Inc, the leading digital payments network for insurers, is proud to introduce its new, reimagined inbound payments platform revolutionizing the insurance industry, PremiumPay® 2.0. The best-in-class solution features a low code/no code user interface that allows carriers unparalleled speed, usability, and customization without high levels of technology expertise, giving insurers the ability to provide a better payment experience with less work.

According to Jeff Goldberg Head of Insurance Insight & Advisory at the Aite-Novarica Group, “The benefits of low/no-code platforms are often easy to quantify. Faster time to market and lower development costs, for example, can generate rapid ROI by enabling new products and features to be brought to market quickly and with a reduced level of investment.”

With a decade of powering payments exclusively for insurance, One Inc’s SaaS-driven PremiumPay 2.0 solution provides intuitive and frictionless tools that enable insurers to connect, graphically configure and deploy premium payments and digital engagement messaging within minutes using no code configuration tools.

Drawing on deep industry expertise exclusive to insurance, One Inc designed PremiumPay 2.0 with set of sophisticated, insurance-specific capabilities, including a new telecommunications platform, a fully customizable UI, and user-friendly digital engagement tools giving insurers the power to deliver the ultimate payments experience for customers at critical times during a policy term.

“One Inc’s new suite of self-service tools gives us control over the experience without needing guidance,” stated Kyle Shover, Marketing Manager, Marketing & Brand Strategy, for the Virginia Farm Bureau® Insurance.” What used to take a day or more can now be done in minutes. One Inc’s tools are not only powerful but very user-friendly. Even non-technical users will quickly get comfortable with the platform’s features and feel confident making changes themselves.”

“The concept of insurers needing to allocate developers and project managers for 6-, 12- and 18-month projects to create a better experience in today’s quickly changing market is one of the past.” stated Ian Drysdale, CEO of One Inc. “With One Inc’s PremiumPay 2.0 low code/no code approach, a carrier can deliver secure, modern payments with a best-in-class consumer experience in days and make modifications in minutes – all without IT support. Low code/no code is revolutionary in the industry in terms of concept, speed, deployment and consumer success, and One Inc is at the forefront with PremiumPay 2.0.”

About One Inc
One Inc is modernizing the insurance industry through a unified and frictionless payment network. Focusing only on the insurance industry, One Inc helps carriers transform their operations by reducing costs, increasing security, and optimizing customer experience. The comprehensive end-to-end digital payments platform provides expanded payment options, multi-channel digital communications, and rapid digital claim payment, even for the most complex insurance use cases. As one of the fastest growing digital payments platforms in the insurance industry, One Inc manages billions of dollars per year in premiums and claims payments. For more information on PremiumPay 2.0 or One Inc, please visit www.oneinc.com.

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