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Future-Proof Insurer - Premium Payments Webinar

Watch as we discuss the current and future state of insurance, with a focus on the impact of claims payments on business continuity. We talked about new regulations and other unique industry challenges, along with actionable steps an insurer can take to help create a future-proof business. There was also a brief demonstration of our ClaimsPay® product. Recorded June 14th, 2020.

Key Take-Aways

1. The New Normal

Share insights about the “new normal” and its impact on the insurance industry moving forward.

2. Business Continuity

Understand how to leverage digital claims payments as part of a solid business continuity plan.

3. Regulations and Compliance

Learn to navigate changing regulations, simplify compliance requirements, and defer risk despite economic uncertainties.

4. Actionable Steps

Discover actionable steps that will set your company up for success in the current climate of social distancing and beyond.

5. ClaimsPay® Demonstration

Gain access to a brief overview of ClaimsPay®, part of the One Inc Digital Payments Platform for insurance.

The Panel

  • Christopher Ewing - President, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Kevin Ostrander - Executive VP, Sales
  • Adam Frew - Chief Marketing Officer
  • Brian Blackstock - VP, Solutions Engineering


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The One Inc Content Team strives to provide valuable insights about digital trends and payments innovation for the insurance community.

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