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Payment Optimization: Improving Transaction Persistency & Increasing Policyholder Retention Webinar

During times of inflation, insurers need to work even harder to retain their policyholders.  When consumers have less money to spend, they are much more likely to shop around for their insurance, reduce insurance coverage, or let coverage lapse altogether.  As insurers continue to grapple with the effects of inflation, it’s clear that new strategies are needed.  By leveraging next-generation technologies and payment optimization, insurers can gain a competitive edge and drive value.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn ways to drive autopay enrollment and increase policyholder retention.  
  • Discover how network tokenization enables persistent recurring payment transactions. 
  • Explore ways to eliminate payment disruption and improve the customer experience

Watch Anand Goel, CEO & Founder, Optimized Payments, and Colin Zalewsky, Vice President of Product, One Inc as they explore trends in the payments industry and how payment optimization can help insurers increase revenue, reduce operational expense, and improve customer experience.

Watch the Webinar



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