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Payment Transformation: How Digital Are You?

As insurers accelerate their transformation efforts to meet ever evolving customer expectations, digital payments have moved to the forefront.  Recent studies have shown that customers are increasingly willing to switch insurance providers based solely on digital offerings and payment methods.  Having such a significant impact on customer retention, payments hold considerable importance.  Today’s policyholders want more than just digital offerings.  They want and expect a truly seamless and personalized digital payment experience.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn where digital payments really drive down costs and boost efficiencies.
  • Understand more about the benefits emerging payment methods and channels provide.
  • Explore the technology capabilities necessary to support an advanced payment experience.  
  • Gain awareness around best practices that greatly improve digital adoption.
  • Discover how insurers can differentiate themselves and become market leaders. 
Join Karen Furtado, Partner, Strategy Meets Action, and Kevin Ostrander, Chief Revenue Officer, One Inc as they explore the differences between digital payment capabilities and truly digital payment experiences and how insurers can improve operational efficiency, deliver customer value, and drive growth.

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The One Inc Content Team strives to provide valuable insights about digital trends and payments innovation for the insurance community.

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