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Reshaping the Life Insurance Payment Landscape and Bridging the Generational Gap Webinar

Reinvention is underway in the life insurance sector, fueling a fresh dedication to innovation and expansion. Every facet is undergoing dynamic transformation, from underwriting to customer relationship management to payments. However, to realize ROI and ensure sustained success, insurers must tackle legacy system hurdles and cater to a digitally adept population. In a sector characterized by narrow profit margins, cutting expenses and optimizing operations are crucial.

Why should life insurers prioritize payments transformation?

Payments represent the insurer's most frequent and critical interaction with policyholders—an unparalleled chance to provide a seamless, frictionless customer experience that increases retention and drives growth.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Discover how digital payments drive check elimination, significantly reduce costs, and catalyze enterprise-wide digital transformation.
  • Explore the ways digital payments substantially reduce billing inquiries and increase call center efficiency.
  • Learn how a digital application programming interface (API) wrapper can de-risk legacy systems, reduce technical debt, and deliver a more seamless customer experience.
  • Gain awareness around best practices that greatly increase policyholder/beneficiary engagement and improve overall digital adoption.
  • Understand more about the benefits that emerging payment methods and channels provide.

Join Kevin Ostrander, Chief Revenue Officer at One Inc, Samantha Chow, Global Head, Life Insurance, Annuities, and Benefits at Capgemini Financial Services, and Lisa Wardlaw, Founder and President of 360 Digital Immersion as they explore the challenges and opportunities of the evolving Life & Annuities insurance landscape and what insurers must consider as they move forward.

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