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Surviving Inflation: How Insurers Can Improve Loss Ratios & Reduce Expenses with Next Gen Technology & Process Optimization

Supply shortages and higher material prices are raising insurer repair and replacement costs and increasing the severity of losses on insurance claims. Expenses are also escalating across the enterprise: interchange fee increases, rising labor costs, and fuel price hikes are only adding to carriers’ financial pressures.  To stay competitive, insurers need to lower loss ratios, increase revenue, reduce expenses, and achieve operational efficiencies that improve customer experience.  By leveraging next generation technologies, payment optimization, and digital process transformation, insurers can significantly improve their loss ratios.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Discover how digital customer engagement improves customer retention.
  • Explore how network tokenization can help to increase revenue.
  • Learn how automating your billing system reconciliation workflow can improve operational efficiency, reduce administration expense, and even enhance customer experience.
  • Understand more about how digital claim payment can reduce cycle times and lower claim severity.
Join Christopher Ewing, Chief Strategy Officer & Founder, One Inc, and Karen Furtado, Partner at Strategy Meets Action (SMA), as they discuss the impacts of inflation on the insurance industry and the many ways that next generation technology and payment optimization can improve loss ratios and drive insurer value.



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