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TCPA Compliance in the Evolving Digital Insurance Landscape

Everyone knows they need to comply.
The question is:
How do you comply during the age of text messaging and digital insurance?

Topics to be covered:

  • What is in and out of TCPA’s scope for insurance carriers?
  • How does digital engagement in all its forms fit into the picture?
  • What are the most critical impacts of TCPA for insurers?
  • How can you ensure protection from large fines and penalties?
  • How can third parties be leveraged to manage TCPA compliance?

Who you will hear from:

Join Marc Jacobs, Partner, Michelman & Robinson, LLP and Christopher Ewing, CEO & Founder, One Inc as they discuss the current TCPA landscape for carriers. 


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The One Inc Content Team strives to provide valuable insights about digital trends and payments innovation for the insurance community.

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