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Multi-Party Claim Payments

Challenges, opportunities, and optimizing the customer experience

  • Why do multi-party claim payments result in a poor customer experience?
  • How can the burden on insureds, claimants and vendors be lessened?
  • Why do these claim payments take weeks to months to clear?
  • What can be done to accelerate payment cycle time?
  • How can ecosystem partnerships be leveraged to optimize customer experience?

One Inc Whitepaper

This white paper discusses the challenges involved with complex multi-party claim payments and how they can impact the customer experience. Understand where transformation opportunities exist in process digitization, information exchange, and fund access.

Customers Expect Digital

Insurers’ digitization goals in the past few years have focused on manifesting a touchless claims experience. But for many, the most critical touchpoint, claims payment, remains a manual and costly process that delivers a poor customer experience. Multi-party checks with large dollar amounts and multiple payees, such as lienholders and mortgagees, make claim payments cumbersome for all. Exploring the complexities of these insurance payments illuminates the opportunities for transformation and how digitization can deliver quick wins.